Energy Efficiency Alberta has launched a New Rebate Program

Rusco Industries Calgary Ltd. is an approved participating contractor for windows and exterior rigid insulation in the Residential Retail Products Program – Home Improvement Rebates. Rusco can maximize your home’s exterior renovation with great savings through the Energy Efficiency Alberta Rebate program.

The three R’s: Rusco. Renovate. Rebate.

Right now all Albertans have an amazing opportunity to have inefficient products in their homes replaced through the Energy Efficiency Alberta Rebate Program. Albertans can receive a rebate for updating their home’s insulation and windows for energy efficiency. It’s the perfect time to renovate your home and take advantage of the savings – plus enjoy added comfort and style to your home.

Rusco specializes in exterior renovations – updating and upgrading windows, doors, siding and exterior rigid insulation. As an approved contractor, through the Energy Efficiency Alberta Rebate Program, Rusco Industries can help you recover rebates of up to $3,500.00 for exterior rigid insulation with R12 or greater, and up to $1500.00 for new windows.

Exterior insulation in Calgary is important because of our extreme weather. Our winters are harsh, we get significant precipitation and the broad range in temperature over a short period of time can put your home’s exterior elements to the test – especially windows, doors and siding. Ensuring your insulation is performing is key. The insulation rebate of $3,500 will bring you significant savings, and Rusco is an approved installer, so we can help you maximize your budget.

The windows in your home are not effective if they’re not in good repair, and beyond that, old windows can be an eyesore. While upgrading your home efficiently through the Energy Efficiency Alberta Rebate Program, you’re going to see some savings – updating your windows can add even more. While adding energy efficiency, they’ll also add style and value to your home, whether you choose to install a casement window or sliding style window. You can even add an elegant bow window or bay window. A high quality window will seal out the elements and keep the weather from adding an extra charge to your energy bills. With up to $1,500 in rebates available, Rusco can help you access these rebates while getting the job done.
Vinyl siding is another ideal way to impact your home’s efficiency. Again, a better seal and a better product will stand up to the elements while making your home more comfortable.

Offering a variety of styles from which to choose, Rusco can help you create an entryway that will make a statement by updating your entrance door. This is a popular option, and Rusco can create a customized solution for you, with numerous stylish, effective options from from a steel door to a fiberglass door with custom colors or staining as well as door hardware including multi-point.

A popular trend is adding a patio cover, providing sun and rain protection in a sheltered but open environment.” It extends your home into the yard and allows you to enjoy your outdoors throughout the year. Whether it’s a patio cover or a full enclosure, it’s a huge trend for homeowners to enhance the patio for extended use.

A proper home seal and quality products will make the biggest impact on your home’s energy efficiency and will bring you the best returns through the Energy Efficiency Alberta Rebate Program and, ultimately, through your energy bills. Rusco’s superior materials and high quality installation are key to maintaining a good home environment – plus, our impressive range of products improves your home’s curb appeal and increases your home’s value, too.

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