Cement Board Siding Image

Cement Board Siding

Designed to resist the most extreme weather conditions, cement board siding resists water absorption to help protect against mold, swelling and cracking. It won't be eaten by animals or insects, and is fire resistant. The baked on color delivers a beautiful finish called Colorplus technology that resists fading, providing a the warm natural character of wood.

Steel (PVC) Siding Image

Steel (PVC) Siding

Ward off the damages of wet rains with Gentek® Steel Siding. Every pretreated galvanized steel panel is sealed off from the weather in a thick PVC finish—boasting a thickness 3 ½ times thicker than other conventional coatings. The reliability of this metal cladding in Calgary will offer any homeowner peace of mind for years to come and stands up well to hail .

Vinyl Siding Installed Calgary

Vinyl Siding

Whether you want to increase the value of your home through home improvement or need professional repair after your siding has sustained hail damage, we have the expertise to handle your project. At Rusco Industries we offer a wide variety of vinyl siding options for your Calgary home.


Craneboard Solid Core Siding

For vinyl siding in Calgary, choose CraneBoard available in six inch and seven inch profiles. The solid core insulation is engineered with our exclusive TXL lamination technology, which offers your home all the benefits of Smart Core intelligent design. This is a great option for homeowners looking for a performance upgrade.


Exterior Insulation

Re-siding your home or cottage may be your chance to re-insulate. If your home is more than 10 years old, it probably needs significantly improved insulation. Insulation translates into extra energy savings. In fact, what you save on your reduced energy bills will, over time, pay for the cost of residing.


Celect Cellular Exterior Siding

Celect is inspired by the gorgeous aesthetics of wood, yet possesses none of wood's inconvenient maintenance demands and expenses. Celect is virtually maintenance-free, maintaining great looks year after year, decade after decade.


Profile Cladding/Capping

Tired of painting all those window, door and accent trims on your home? Rusco industries can make your home maintenance free by adding cladding to the trims around your windows, doors, battens and columns on your home. Cladding comes in flat aluminum with a baked-on color finish, or with a pvc embossed finish and is custom bent on site to fit the profile of your window and door trims. Cladding has a 40 year manufacturer’s warranty and comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from.


Soffit, Fascia, Eavestrough

Aluminum soffits and fascia protect the underlying structures from elements outdoors and also improve conditions inside the eaves and attic. By adding vented soffits, you allow air to circulate properly in the attic and rafter spaces. The wide range of distinctive colors available lets you create a personal designer look for your home with soffits, fascia, and eavestroughing coordinated with your siding.